require-dbt-version: version-range | [version-range]


Optionally specify a range of dbt versions that a project is compatible with.

By using this configuration, dbt will throw a helpful error message if a user tries to run your project with an unsupported version of dbt. This is especially useful for packages (like dbt-utils). Additionally, this can help ensure that your whole team is synchronized on the same version of dbt for local development.

If this configuration is not specified, no version check will occur.

YAML Quoting

This configuration needs to be interpolated by the yaml parser as a string. As such, you should quote the value of the configuration. For example. Also take care to get the spacing correct.

# ✅ These will work
require-dbt-version: ">=0.16.0"
require-dbt-version: '>=0.16.0'
# ❌ These will not work
require-dbt-version: >=0.16.0
require-dbt-version: ">= 0.16.0"


Require a specific dbt version

Use an exact version number. In this example, this project will only run with dbt v0.16.0 supported.

require-dbt-version: 0.16.0

Specify a minimum dbt version

Use a >= operator for a minimum boundary. In this example, this project will run with any version of dbt greater than or equal to 0.16.0.

require-dbt-version: ">=0.16.0"

Pin to a minor dbt version using a range

Use a comma separated list for an upper and lower bound. In this example, this project will run with dbt 0.16.x.

require-dbt-version: ">=0.16.0,<0.17.0"


require-dbt-version: [">=0.16.0", "<0.17.0"]

Invalid dbt versions

If the version of dbt used to invoke a project disagrees with the specified require-dbt-version in the project or any of the included packages, then dbt will fail immediately with the following error:

$ dbt compile
Running with dbt=0.17.0
Encountered an error while reading the project:
Runtime Error
This version of dbt is not supported with the 'my_project' package.
Installed version of dbt: =0.16.0
Required version of dbt for 'my_project': ['>=0.16.0', '<0.17.0']
Check the requirements for the 'my_project' package, or run dbt again with --no-version-check

Disabling version checks

To suppress failures to to incompatible dbt versions, supply the --no-version-check flag to dbt run.

$ dbt run --no-version-check
Running with dbt=0.17.0
Found 13 models, 2 tests, 1 archives, 0 analyses, 204 macros, 2 operations....

See global configs for usage details.


  • This is a recommended configuration
  • You should pin your required dbt version to a minor release (see above example)