Upgrading to 1.0.0


dbt v1.0.0-b1 is currently available. If you have questions or encounter bugs, please let us know in #dbt-prereleases or by opening an issue in GitHub.


Breaking changes

  • The two type of test definitions are now "singular" and "generic" (instead of "data" and "schema", respectively). The test_type: selection method accepts test_type:singular and test_type:generic. (It will also accept test_type:schema and test_type:data for backwards compatibility.) Not backwards compatible: The --data and --schema flags to dbt test are no longer supported, and tests no longer have the tags 'data' and 'schema' automatically applied.
  • The packages argument of dispatch has been deprecated and will raise an exception when used.
  • The "adapter_macro" macro has been deprecated. Instead, use the dispatch method to find a macro and call the result.
  • The release arg has been removed from the execute_macro method.

New and changed documentation


  • Add result:<status> subselectors for smarter reruns when dbt models have errors and tests fail. See examples: Pro-tips for Workflows

Elsewhere in Core

  • model-paths have replaced source-paths in `dbt-project.yml.
  • seed-paths have replaced data-paths in dbt-project.yml with a default value of seeds`.
  • The default value of test-paths has been updated to be the plural tests.
  • The default value of analysis-paths has been updated to be the plural analyses.
  • The packages-install-path was updated from modules-path. Additionally the default value is now dbt-packages instead of dbt-modules. You may need to update this value in clean-targets.
  • Default for quote-columns is now True for all adapters other than Snowflake.