dbt Cloud Support

Welcome to dbt Cloud Support!

Our purpose is to assist dbt Cloud users as they work through implementing and utilizing dbt Cloud at their organizations. Have a question you can't find an answer to in our docs, dbt discourse, or Stack Overflow? dbt Support is here to dbt help you! Check out our guide on getting help - half of the problem is often knowing where to look... and how to ask good questions! Types of questions dbt Support will assist you with:

  • How do I...

    • set up a dbt Cloud project?
    • set up a private package in dbt Cloud?
    • configure custom branches on git repos?
    • link dbt to a new github account?
  • Help! I can't...

    • log in!
    • access logs!
    • update user groups!
  • Something isn't working the way I would expect it to...

    • in a macro I created...
    • in an incremental model I'm building...
    • in one of dbt Labs' packages like dbt_utils or audit_helper...
  • I need help understanding and troubleshooting this error...

    • Server error: Compilation Error in rpc request (from remote system) 'dbt_utils' is undefined

    • SQL compilation error: syntax error line 1 at position 38 unexpected '<EOF>'.

    • Compilation Error Error reading name_of_folder/name_of_file.yml - Runtime Error Syntax error near line 9

For dbt Cloud Enterprise accounts

Types of questions you should ask your Solutions Architect and Sales Director:

  • How should we think about setting up our dbt projects, environments, and jobs based on our company structure and needs?
  • I want to expand my account! How do I add more people and train them?
  • Here is our data road map for the next year - can we talk through how dbt fits into it and what features we may not be utilizing that can help us achieve our goals?
  • It is time for our contract renewal, what options do I have?

When you need help writing SQL or want someone to actually help build your dbt Project, check out our list of dbt Preferred Consulting Providers or our Services page!